Link Building

Link building is considered to be the backbone of a Search Engine Optimization campaign. Obtaining quality backlinks for your site is critical in achieving and maintaining online success with your web site. Link building increases your Search Engine ranking and brings in direct traffic from these baclinks.


You need to have high quality links pointing to your site and in turn, the higher you will appear in search results with all the search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, to only mention a few of major ones. The benefit of having links to your site is that Google (and all other search engines) count each quality link as a vote of confidence so your site will be looked upon more favourably by them.


The biggest misconceptions about link building is that any web exposure is good exposure. This is definetely not the case and hasn’t been that for many many years. Effective link building strategies are vital to ensure that you make the right impression on the search engines and your target audience.


At The Expert SEO Company, we customize each link building campaign to your needs based on our analysis of your current inbound links and an overall analysis of your website.


If anyone promises you first page Google rankings within 48 hours or even a week, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are doing things which can cause your site be penalized by the search engines. Building quality links is a task that has to be done over time and should be done slowly but consistently.


Link relevance is very important. For your site to be recognized by the search engines, you really need to have quality links from related sites. For example, if your site is about commercial cleaning, it would be pointless to link to a site that buttons or bows. The two industries are not related so it wont carry much weight with the search engines. Links to other cleaning sites or carpet cleaning or window cleaning sites would be far more appropriate and advantageous.


Paid links may have been all the rage some years ago, but nowdays, almost always, the search engines will quickly penalize your site severely and drop you in the rankings virtually overnight if it’s found to contain a lot of links that have been bought pivately or through a link broker.


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