Affordable SEO or Google Adwords?

When you build a new website, the question you will face is “should I use an affordable seo company or should I just use Google Adwords“?  Both options may take up more of your budget than you might be expecting. However, there are a few factors you should take into consideration before taking on one or the other.


Firstly, you should decide on a budget and stick to it. With adwords for example, you can set a daily or monthly budget so once it’s reached, then you wont receive any more impressions on a results page for the keyword that you chose. This can be very limiting depending on your budget off course.  However, for a new website, this might be a good way to get some instant brand recognition as well as that much needed traffic to your site. An affordable seo company can set this up for you and advise how it all works.


With an seo campaign, it may take several months before you see any return on your money. In that case, maybe a campaign of adword might be what your site needs to give it that traffic boost. In saying that, a page optimization campaign  should be high on your list of priorities too. If you have a huge cash flow for the next 6-12 months, then by all means go sick with adwords. That’s a great position to be in but if you are like most new or establish businesses on or off the web having to keep a watchful eye on their cash flow, then making your web site work for you on its own might be a better way to go. Using an affordable seo company can optimize your site so that a search engine will find your site with your chosen keywords and, in time, be displayed on the first page which is the preferable place to be.


If you are anything like most new web site owners, then you will want to try and do everything yourself including seo. Nothing wrong with learning new skills I say. But, can you afford the time to be learning a new skill, reading as much info as you can without really knowing what advice you are getting is actually helpful or harmful to your site in seo terms? Most of us will answer no to that question. Seo is a skill that’s learned over a period of time and the last thing you want to be doing is trying out new techniques when you should be concentrating on running your business.


This is the time to be looking for an affordable seo company while your website is still new and fresh to make sure it’s set up properly so as to really maximize its earning power. After all, you have spent good money on it and what would have been the point in that if no one can find it?


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