How Much Is Fair To Pay a Content Writer?

seo content writingIf you are starting a new web business and want a copy or content writer to write some articles for you so that you can do some article marketing for seo, how much is a fair price to pay a content writer? The prices out there do vary upon experience and quality. A few questions would be pertinent to ask here.


1. How much should you pay for his services?


2. Is he able to deliver on time?


3. Does he charge by the word or an article as a whole?


There’s no point in hiring someone to do it for you if they are the cheapest but cannot deliver the goods on time. In content writing, everything is negotiable and is not set in concrete. You should remember too that many content writers tend to over book themselves so even if they give you a deadline, don’t be too disappointed if they say to you your articles will be a few days late. It’s just the way the industry can be at times. Just leave a few days either side of your projects so that deadlines do not matter all that much down to the hour.


Content writers will usually expect the fee upfront so be prepared for that. The only reason they charge the upfront fee is they are gauging how committed you are to the endeavour. When you talk to them, you know that they have the goods but they don’t know if you do. They will share enough so that you can make a decision.


If  you find a dependable content writer , you should do whatever it takes to establish a relationship with him or her because they can make your business sky-rocket.


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Andrew Radics