What It Takes To Be A Good SEO

That’s a loaded question I guess if I ever saw one. What does it take to be a good seo? A few things actually but it’s a simpler answer than one might think.

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The first thing that is needed is patience and a lot of it. SEO isn’t an overnight job. Sometimes you can put in many hours of work and not see any measurable results for a few months. Sometimes it does feel like you are going around in circles as it’s the same thing over and over again. But once the results are there, they are usually very rewarding.



You also need to have a bit of business insight. You need to be able to look at a clients website and understand what it is they are trying to accomplish with it and in what direction they are heading in. There is no point in trying to optimize a site when you don’t understand the clients business.


Content writing skills is another requirement for a good seo. Firstly you need to have patience when doing a keyword search for your clients.You also need to be able to write a great article and be able to integrate all the chosen keywords for that article so that it all makes sense and is a fluent read. I have read so many so called ‘articles’ by some that is just a bunch of words put together to stuff it with keywords. Not a good read at all and the search engines will pick these things up eventually. No sense in trying to bite that hand that feeds you.


Off course, most seo companies now hire people who have only one or two of these skills and put them in a team and they specialise in that area of the seo tasks. Nothing wrong with that. But, I do think that everyone should know how it all works together. SEO is like a jigsaw puzzle in many ways. There are quite a number of pieces that go into it and individually they are just meaningless pieces. But put them all together and in the proper order, they are transformed into something that makes sense and people can see the bigger picture.


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Andrew Radics