Most Internet Marketing Tools Are In Fact Internet Scams

Internet marketing ScamsIt’s true. Internet marketing is a huge area of business. On the net you can buy anything from a paper clip to a return trip to a space station. However, most internet marketing tools turn out to be internet scams. A lot of people invest thousands of dollars on their web sites and then go about trying to get traffic to them so they can make some money. They see in their searches on the net all these wonderful marketing tools, programs, codes and various scripts all promising to overload their servers with targeted traffic. Ninety nine percent of these people are very disappointed with their purchases.


These internet marketing tools can range anywhere from about $27 up to many hundreds of dollars or sometimes even higher. One of the traits all of these internet scams have in common is that they all promise you tons of traffic with little to no effort what so ever. Their marketing tool will do all the work for you. You just sit back and watch the money just roll in. Plus their sales copies  always sound so convincing. They pile on their sales page ‘proof’ after ‘proof’ of how much traffic their sites have received since implementing their ingenious ‘system’, not to mention the piles of money they have made in places like Clickbank and other merchant sites that they sell affiliate items for. What many people don’t realize is that these sales copies are written by professionals who can sell ice to the Eskimos and that the so called ‘proof’ they offer with traffic statistics and Clickbank earnings can easily be faked. The faked ones will never show you the Clickbank URL in their videos or screen shots and if they do,they show you a  line of code which means nothing at all. What are some other ways to tell an internet scam from the real deal then?


There are several tell tale signs to watch out for that should get the warning bells going.


1. If a sales copy promises you thousands upon thousands of targeted visitors to your site every month with little to no effort on your part once you implement their system, beware. The general rule of thumb with anything you do or buy should be that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on these types of internet marketing tools over the years and not one of these has ever brought me anywhere near the amount of traffic it promised. You are better off implementing a good seo strategy to get real traffic to your websites.


2. They all offer a money back guarantee but some offer you a full refund plus more of their own money if you are dissatisfied. One I bought late last year promised me a full refund plus $500 extra because he had so much confidence in his product. I am still fighting to get my original purchase back after 3 months of emailing him as well as Clickbank with no luck at all. Another I am still waiting on a refund. While they all promise you a refund, most do the right thing but there are the ones out there who don’t. So don’t buy any internet marketing tool that promises you extra back on your refund.


3. If you have looked at a few of these products, have you noticed that their hard luck story all sounds the same? They all lost their jobs, on the verge of losing the family house and then miraculously someone tells them of this great system and bang! They have it made and in their gratefulness, they make the secret available to you for just $37! To me it’s all very reminiscent of the old Multi Level Marketing days. Whenever someone wanted to get you in they would show you pictures of people who are in it and how happy they are with their new huge house and expensive cars and enjoying overseas vacations all the time. All thanks to this wonderful opportunity. Internet scams use the same technique. However, they can never prove that they actually own that Lamborghini they are pictured with or that expensive mansion. It’s all for show so please, don’t fall for it.


4. Many of them also say in their sales pitch in video form or in text that they too have spent lots of time and money looking for that edge to get ahead with their internet business. Some even say that they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on internet marketing tools but non of them worked. In my mind, if anyone is stupid enough to spend that kind of money on products that do not work time after time, they wouldn’t have the intelligence to come up with a fool proof  program to get unlimited traffic to their websites. Give ones like that the widest berth possible.


To be fair, there are some legitimate operators out there that do deliver what they promise but these ones are very rare. The only proven way to get traffic to your website is to implement a proper search engine optimization strategy. You can do it yourself off course but it pays to do it all properly by hiring someone who knows what they are doing. It does take longer but at least no one is going to say to you that you are going to get thousands of visitors to your site overnight. If they do, move on and find an seo company that doesn’t make wild and ludicrous promises like that.

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Andrew Radics

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