Beware Of SEO Gurus Offering Free SEO Tips


Why Beware Of SEO Gurus?


In recent times, self proclaimed seo gurus have  become a major issue. It used to be internet marketing gurus that were the problem when it came to buy this or that for instant success. Now it’s these seo gurus offering free seo tips who pretend to be an expert in seo. A major issue indeed. To be an expert search engine optimization expert, you have to have some experience in the field and have many success stories behind you. Sadly, most of these people have neither.

Why Bad SEO Advice Can Cost You Your Rankings


I bring this issue up because recently I came across a video on Youtube from someone claiming to be an expert in seo. He had a method that he says has been very successful for him in the past and he would like to share it with the average person out there so they can do seo work on their own site without having to pay someone to do it.In itself, I think that is fine. However, the advice he gave had to do with a different type of link wheel and while link wheels have been around for a long time in search engine optimization, this one was a very complex one. So, I decided to give it a go on one of my own sites. I am always open to new ideas and who knows, maybe I could learn something new myself from this guy.Well, that was my reasoning at the time. I actually did learn something. And that was, beware of seo gurus offering free seo tips! It took my days to put together this complex wheel as each article had to be at least 30% unique. Then there was setting up about 20 different accounts with social sites like wordpress, blogger, squidoo etc. This method claimed that all you had to do was add some new content to these sites every so often and your rankings will be very high, if not numero uno! Nothing could have been further from the truth. Before I implemented this new wheel, the rankings for this site with most keywords was on page 4 of Google. A week after I put it all together, the rankings plummeted and they weren’t even in the top 100. I waited another week top see if things would improve and off course they didn’t. So I took it all apart and a week or so later, they were all back to the 4th page again.


Now, I’m not saying that he meant any harm in his video to peoples rankings. I’m not sure why the wheel didn’t work but I think it was because he left out an important part of the step from the video on purpose. He had a system to sell and I think if you bought it, he would have given you  the whole method in its entirety. Whenever someone says, ‘this is how you do it but to get the whole method, please pay the $49 and I will reveal it to you’, then either buy the program and do it properly, or don’t. But, do NOT try the method at all with the ‘free’ version. A vital part is usually left out and without it, you could do damage to your site from a search engine optimization point of view.

A  Balanced View On SEO Gurus


The internet is littered with free seo tips and seo gurus selling their wares so to speak. When it comes to the conventional seo techniques, you cannot go wrong even with advice from some of these guys. But when you get someone trying to sell you a new method or an improved form of that method, by all means buy the program and try it out but whatever you do, don’t make the same mistake I did and try out the ‘free seo tips’ method that they often offer as a sampler. It had disastrous consequences for my seo and it probably will for yours too.

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Andrew Radics