The Top 5 Don’ts Of Online Reputation Management

reputation managementThe Top 5 Don’ts Of Online Reputation Management


Your online reputation management should really start with you. There are a few things that you can do to avoid yourself being slandered all over the internet. Sadly though, human nature being what it is, we don’t think about it logically until we are confronted with a situation that we were not prepared for. When it comes to the online reputation of your business website, here are 5 common sense dont’s that  you can do quite simply.

Online Reputation Management Don’t #1

Don’ post any compromising or embarrasing photos on your Facebook fanpage 

This is a very common mistake people and business owners make. You might think your compromising or funny photos are a laugh, but, to some of your customers or clients, it may be offensive and it could destroy your relationship with them. The same applies to any type of social network you might be a part of. As far as sending those types of pics via email, think again if you think that only the recipient will see those photos. Don’t compromise your online reputation by one foolish act.

Online Reputation Management Don’t #2

Don’t confront an obvious  intentional online attacker directly

By confronting the person directly and hurling abuse back at them in a public forum or an online comment or review, you could be just adding fuel to the fire and the more people are likely to see it.  The unfortunate thing is that the more negativity you generate on the internet about your site, the higher it gets pushed in the search engine rankings. Find an online reputation management specialist to deal with such attacks.

Online Reputation Management Don’t #3

Don’t take it for granted that everyone shares your sense of humour

There are many types of humour and just because you thinks something is funny and you post it, you might not think so in a few months time. You might just regret what you posted. Think twice if not three times before you post anything online. You online reputation might just thank you.

Online Reputation Management Don’t #4

Don’t underestimate the amount of people that are searching for you online

It’s not spoken or admited a lot in the recruitment world but, according to a poll in 2010 by Microsoft, 79% or recruiters and hirers have admited to using facebook ad other social media sites to screen a potential candidate. By the same token, isn’t it a logical step that someone who is interested in doing business with you might just check you out online as well before investing their money with you? That’s something worth thinking about.

Online Reputation Management Don’t #5

Think carefully before posting a hasty comment in a forum or on  someone else’s blog

Some online forums let you edit what you say but that’s usually for a short period of time. It is very tempting to say something witty or funny, but you should;d always think how it could potentially have a negative impact on your business. That’s basically what online reputation management is all about.


For a strong online reputation, keep those 5 points in mind and you shouldn’t have any issues from negative comments, reviews or posts regarding your website.

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Andrew Radics