Is Page Rank Still Relevant?

is page rank still relevantI cannot begin to tell you how many emails I get from companies and small businesses all offering me seo services and listing all the things that are wrong with my website including a Page Rank of only 2 being the problem as to why  my site isn’t ranking high (which it is off course for many of my keywords). Then they go on to tell me what they will do to fix the problem and get me to the 1st page very fast. This is all well and good if that’s how they want to try and get business. But, what annoys me is that many of these people are giving out a lot of misinformation. Page Rank is of little to no relevance as to how well a website is doing and shouldn’t be used as a measurement. Here is the reason I say that:


On Thursday June 30 2011, Susan Moskwa, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google wrote: “PageRank may have distinguished Google as a search engine when it was founded in 1998; but given the rate of change Manber describes—launching “about 9 [improvements] per week on the average”—we’ve had a lot of opportunity to augment and refine our ranking systems over the last decade. PageRank is no longer—if it ever was—the be-all and end-all of ranking”. She goes on to say in the same post, “If you look at Google’s Technology Overview, you’ll notice that it calls out relevance as one of the top ingredients in our search results”. (Read the whole post here)


Why Am I Ranting About Page Rank?


The reason for this rant of mine is for the simple fact that because of someone telling a client of ours (no doubt through an unsolicited email) that because their Google page rank was 2, that is why they are not number 1 with all of their keywords. Off course the client told me that and based on that false information, they decided to cancel their SEO campaign. Not all is lost however with them at this point as I have informed them of what the case really is. The client seemed to lose sight of how well their site was doing: Out of 10 of their keywords, 7 are on the 1st page with 2 being at number 1 and a further 4 keywords being between 3-4 positions from the top 3 on the 1st page. The remaining 3 keywords are on the 2nd page with one of them being 1 position from the 1st page and the other 2 would have more than likely been on the 1st page by the end of the month. All of that in just a few months and when we started, they were no where to be found in the top 100 results.


The very ones who send out all of these emails citing all of this outdated or out right SEO lies are the very ones who give our industry a bad name. They also spread other myths like any link is a good link, the more links your site has pointing to it, the higher you will rise, you need to have x% of your keywords in your texts and that meta tags do not count for anything these days. Google’s official stance to these is simply quite the opposite in most cases. Hand your website over to these types of SEO hacks and good luck to you! If you have employed a company for your website SEO, you should ask them some relevant questions and see if they are promoting any of this rubbish. On the other hand if you are an SEO person and promote this type of SEO crap, get out of the business now before you get booted out somehow or start to educate yourself and go to the source itself of what is a myth and what is fact. If you don’t know where that is, it’s the Google Webmaster Academy. That is also an excellent source for any website owner to go to to get the facts. I don’t usually get so angry about this stuff but this happens so often these days and I have spent so much time with clients reassuring them that what we do is 100% Google compliant. Too much time and energy is spent with this kind of stuff and I’m sure that we are  not the only SEO company that has had to do this.


The legitimate SEO companies or solo practitionioners as such would know that good SEO takes time and know what is an SEO myth and what is FACT! Using page rank as an SEO factor is a myth! The only thing it shows is a measure of the sites that are linking back to yours. Is Page Rank then still relevant? Relevant maybe 10 years ago in the rankings but not any more as Google themselves have said.

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Andrew Radics