You Will Pay A High Price For Cheap SEO Part 1

cheap seoThere are absolutely no short cuts with SEO and paying for cheap seo could cost you more in the long run.. You have no doubt heard the old saying that “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”. No matter what anyone tells you, if you want to be on the front page or #1 on Google you simply have to EARN it. It’s a fact that the word ‘earn’ cannot exist anywhere in the same sentence as the word ‘short-cut’. I will attempt to explain all of this with a series of 5 articles.


You may have seen headlines advertising SEO services such as these:


  • Free SEO or 3 month Trial
  • $99 a month SEO
  • We Have Cracked the Google Code and Know the Secret
  • Results within a Few Weeks
  • Get Your Website to #1 in 48 Hours


And the list goes on. SEO might be difficult, but it’s not magic, a secret or any type of code for that matter.


For quite a few years now, SEO professionals have been tainted with the same brush as used car salesman and being likened to snake oil salesman. The fact is though that just like in any profession or industry, there are those who try and rip people off for a quick buck. I used to be in the telecommunications industry for nearly 15 years and in the early days of mobile communications here in Australia, I saw so many businesses come and go after scamming so many unsuspecting consumers with wild promises about how great the coverage was with their particular network. When the coverage wasn’t what the customer was expecting, they usually couldn’t do too much about it as they were locked into a two year contract. They gave all the legitimate mobile phone salesman a bad name.


SEO at the moment is no different. Many so called SEO professionals either scam unsuspecting web site owners or are just in it for a fast buck without taking the time to learn what practices are acceptable in SEO.


Why Do Businesses Take the Risk with Cheap SEO?


It is a well-known fact that in business, large or small, we want to save money whenever and wherever we possibly can.


That is understandable and I even sympathize with this as I am no different. However, what I have trouble understanding is why so many businesses try to cut corners and take the cheap way out when it comes to their on-line strategies? Not only that but then are totally dumbfounded when they get scammed, get shocking results or worse still, are banned by Google!


It can be very expensive to launch, maintain and grow a new or old business. With that in mind however, there are certain aspects of building a business where it is absolutely never okay to cut any corner to save money. Let me ask you: would you hire an inexperienced, way too-cheap contractor to build your house or would you buy discounted or bruised fruit or vegetables if you owned a restaurant just to save money? So then why would you trust your web site as well as your on-line reputation (which often times is the very first introduction your customers have with your business) to an inexperienced amateur or a ridiculously too cheap SEO company?


You get what you pay for. That is true in life as well as on-line. A solid, successful SEO and social strategy takes time. Time is money. By trying to save a dollar here and there by hiring a cheap, shoddy, inexperienced, “professional,” you will unfortunately pay for the stupidity somewhere down the road.


Bad SEO Will Harm Your Website


There are two possibilities here if you go with a fly by nighter. One, bad SEO could relieve you of some hard earned money. Or two, it could mean having to completely rebuild your website, your reputation and your traffic numbers from scratch. You might think this is going overboard a bit but I assure you, this is a real possibility.  I have and spoken to quite a few businesses that have ended up in this situation and one had to register a new domain name and rebuild his website from scratch after employing a company that completely ruined his rankings and was penalized by Google for link spamming.


Like I said, I can understand a business wanting to save money, but to take the cheap option and give responsibility for something so important to someone who could do so much damage is just a bad business practice. If you were looking to hire a new employee and this prospective employee said to you that he would work for you very cheaply just to get a job, would you hire him? I doubt that you would.


Pay on The Cheap You Get Cheap


It should go without saying that a professional SEO company does not come cheap. If you are unable to bump up the budget for a professional SEO service, then your option could be to set up a modest PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign such as Google Adwords. You will get very definite results and very fast but you need to know what you are doing with that because it could cost you more money than you will get in return.


What are some of the shoddy methods these cheap SEO people use? I will highlight those in the next part of this series.



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Andrew Radics