You Will Pay A High Price For Cheap SEO Part 2

What are some of the other shoddy methods that cheap SEO specialists’ use?

Some of the Shoddy SEO methods are:


Article spinning


This involves taking an often badly written article and changing it enough so it doesn’t look like it’s a duplicate of the original and  then submitting it to every article site that is available. Firstly, not only is it embarrassing to have your business name associated with such rubbish, but Google’s Panda update has effectively wiped this out as a legitimate SEO tactic.


I’m guessing that anyone who owns a website has heard of the Google Panda update in February 2011. Panda was the major algorithm update that forced content farms into near-extinction. We have had several updates since then notably one of the biggest ones last year was called the Google Penguin Update in April 2012. And with both of these updates, the age of cheap, poorly-written content was over. Google in no uncertain terms reminded us that it’s not just any content that could be king (referring to a debate that is still raging in the SEO world and that is whether content is king or back links are king). Only usable, quality (not keyword stuffed) content could reign in the wake of the Panda and Penguin tsunami.


But let’s point out the obvious here if you haven’t already got the point. There is no way on this earth that you will rank well with terrible content. Shoddily written content does nothing for your business in the short or long term. All effective strategists use well written content to motivate people, to grab attention and to communicate. Content that is quality content compels people to share. It compels people to comment and most of all it compels people to buy.


Getting cheap back links


Getting cheap back links from many blog networks as well as link farms. They always look like spam because that’s what they really are. It’s a known fact that Google hates spam and they actively hunt it down and punish it. It might take a little while, but it will eventually harm your rankings. Legitimate link building is hard and it takes a lot of time and effort. For your site to be submitted to hundreds of business directories is NOT link building that is of any quality.


Forum and blog commenting


The only thing to say here is that it’s as pointless from an SEO perspective as giving a burnt down house a coat of fresh paint.




These are useless. If anyone guarantee’s you a page one result for a fixed price the only likely thing they will guarantee is to take your first monthly instalment and run. How can anyone guarantee results without them knowing exactly what the challenge (and so the cost) is?


Satellite sites or Link Wheels


There is some legitimate use for this method for campaign or services specific sites that link back to a ‘main’ site. However, setting up a whole lot of smaller sites and linking them back to yours for SEO purposes is a waste of time. This method takes a lot of time and effort but of little use as a legitimate SEO practice. However, I highly doubt that cheap SEO guys would go to all of this trouble anyway but I have heard it happen.


Automated Software


One of the worst practices is using automated software to ‘blast’ thousands of worthless links all over the internet to blog networks, forums and other trashy sites that accept links from anyone and everyone. Some of these guys create thousands of links each and every day with the hope of making your site as ‘popular’ on the internet as possible so that Google recognizes your site as an authority site and thus boost its rankings. Wrong! The only thing Google will recognize your site for is an authority of link spamming. The worst case scenario for that will be blacklisted or indexed at number 358 which is as good as being blacklisted by them. It’s very hard to recover from that.


These are many of the techniques, but what are the consequences to your website when these types of cheap seo tactics are used?



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Andrew Radics