You Will Pay A High Price For Cheap SEO Part 3

There are some very heavy consequences associated with using cheap seo services or tactics.


Over Optimization


The term over optimization simply refers to there being too much link building going on for Google to believe your site is growing in popularity at a natural rate. When your site is growing at a rate of 1000 backlinks a day pointing to your website, unless you are Facebook or Twitter, Google will pull up a red flag on your site eventually. Good SEO is sometimes a delicate balance in making the link growth pointing back to your site through new content and social media marketing look as natural as possible. Bad SEO is still the mentality that any link is a good link and that building as many as possible won’t hurt your site. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Cheap Web Design and Development


By using cheap web developers, you will get errors. And many of them you will get security vulnerabilities, poor conversion rates and usually a very bad looking site.


You could pay somebody $80 to make you a website and for that kind of money, yes it will suck. There are tonnes of amateurs who can slap together a cheaply hosted website and make it look half reasonably attractive. But putting aesthetics aside for a moment, you don’t just need a site that looks good to some degree. You need one that actually functions properly.


Ask your web developer how he sees your site growing in the future. Also ask if they know SEO (and they really should). Have a look at their portfolio of previous web sites they have designed and built. More importantly, ask what steps they intend to take to increase your sites conversion and lead your customers down your sales funnel.


Your website is an extension of your physical business. It’s also the first impression you will make on potential customers. It can answer questions, take payments and not forgetting the fact it should show off your products and services like a shop window. With all the potential business your website can bring you, why would you leave it to an amateur that will probably develop a site that will hurt your reputation, crash constantly, confuse your customers and lastly has little potential for growth? Why would you do that to yourself by trying to use a cheap web design and developer? Choose a web professional that will stick around for the long haul because when it’s time to updating or increasing the size of your site, you will no doubt want to return to the person who did a fantastic and professional job building it in the first place.


Cheap Social Media Marketing and Management


The whole premise of social media is built on relationships. The idea is to show your customers a different side of you, getting feedback, answering questions and sometimes even addressing complaints. The role of a social media manager is not someone who will just tweet three times a day. You could do that yourself with quite possibly much better results.


A social media manager should not be promising you a huge number of followers or fans in a very short period of time. It’s good if they promise you a boost in your numbers but it’s another thing to promise you 5,000 followers literally overnight. It’s impossible to get that many loyal followers to your brand so quickly unless you are Lady Ga Ga. The numbers they speak of are easily achieved using any number of websites that basically encourage its members to ‘like’ each other’s websites randomly. And it’s as easy as that. You could do that yourself but these followers certainly would not be interested in any of your posts or tweets as all they are after are followers themselves. That’s a product of cheap SEO.


A social media manager who has any real talent should be able to match your brand’s identity and build campaigns with clear goals in mind. That goal cannot be to simply grab you random followers or fans. The goal should be to build an audience based on people that will help your business expand and grow. They should also be able to show you (in real numbers and not faked) how your social presence is helping your business to grow. The simplest thing to do here is to hire someone who knows what they are doing and actually show you real results. While in most cases social media is free, however the hours spent managing all of your social accounts does come at a price.


So, now you know why cheap SEO can be really bad for your website. There are many more reasons but those ones illustrate the point very well. This leads us to the question, why is good SEO more expensive?



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  2. I don’t usually approve such comments but I thought this plug just illustrates my point more. This whole idea of traffic generation is nothing but a way for someone to make a fast buck. I looked over that website but I couldn’t find anywhere where it says on the site that the visitors they will generate are actually targeted traffic specifically looking for your website. Getting 10,000 visitors to your site is great but they don’t guarantee how long they will stay there or even if they are interested in what you have to sell. It’s like those companies that say they will get you 100,000 YouTube views. But now those systems are useless because YouTube counts how long a person watches your video in the rankings not how many views you get. It’s the same with this traffic system. That is NOT SEO and it won’t do a thing for your rankings either. If your bounce rate is very high, then that also counts against your site in the rankings. My advice is don’t try such systems…ever!

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