Google To Add Panda To Real Time Algorithm According To Cutts

According to Google’s Engineer Matt Cutts, Google Panda will soon evolve from monthly (or so) manual refreshes to a constant part of Google’s real-time algorithm. Quite possibly, the final Panda refresh is expected today or Monday.


If Panda hits your website because of having “low-quality” or thin content, it could quite possibly be Google Panda Updateharder to detect that in Google analytics. This is due to this new integration with the main search algorithm. However, the upside is that it could mean a faster recovery from any ‘damage’.


According to Cutts speaking from SMX West 2013, “Rather than having some huge change that happens on a given day, you’re more likely in the future to see Panda deployed gradually as we’re rebuilding the index, so you’re less likely to see these large scale sorts of changes”.


In the meantime, online chatter indicates that the latest and maybe the final Google refresh, may have started hitting websites as early as yesterday afternoon. However, there’s no official word from Google as yet so the traffic fluctuations some websites are experiencing might be unrelated to Panda. We will just have to wait and see when Google makes the official announcement.


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Andrew Radics