Once and For All SEO is Not Dead

is seo deadAs the landscape of search marketing changes and becomes increasingly more difficult, the rumours keep spreading about how SEO is dead! What a load of nonsense. These rumours are started by webmaster who have done things seo wise which were against Googles guidelines hence their sites get deindexed or suffer some other form of penalty.


As site called Business2community recently had an excellent article on what are the 3 factors that could determine weather or not your site takes a hit from Google or not. especially with the pending Google Panda update coming some time soon, it’s best to take some of this advice on board.


• Remember that Quality is King: In previous years, SEO was driven by quantity and volume rather than quality. This means that marketers could achieve a high search engine ranking simply by publishing hundreds of backlinks through questionable article directory sites. Thanks primarily to Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, however, quality is now a consideration both in terms of content and the resources that you link to. By striving to create compelling and high quality content both for your own website and any external posts, you will enhance your SEO standing and improve the online experience for potential customers.


• Relevance Matters: Another feature of Google’s recent updates is that they have encouraged marketers to prioritize relevance, especially when it comes to link building. As a consequence of this, you must ensure that your guest posts and backlinks are published on a relevant external resource that will generate reader satisfaction in addition to traffic. Another key point for consideration is your chosen anchor text and the phrasing around it, as this must be natural and not detract from the quality or meaning of the remaining content.


• Increase your Social Signals: Google’s evolution of SEO as a practice has had a profound effect on marketers, who must now work harder than ever to promote their brand and achieve high visibility. One of the most effective ways to promote your web based and external content is through social media, as this has the benefit of developing a committed audience and potential customer base. With this in mind, you should create engaging content and look to share it across an integrated social media platform, while also imploring readers to do the same from your own website.



The article concludes by saying (and I 100% agree with this), “ When marketers claim that SEO is moribund, they are simply reacting to the fact that they have lost touch with a fast paced and evolutionary industry. In fact, SEO remains an excellent way of marketing your business, so long as you are able to adopt a flexible strategy that evolves according to breaking trends and updates”.



Article Source: http://www.business2community.com/seo/why-seo-is-not-dead-recognizing-its-evolutionary-nature-0462106