Update On What Is the Great Melonborama

We did a small experiment with how long it takes Google to index a new word or term that has no results what so ever. We came up with the word MELONBORAMA which doesn’t mean anything as far as we are aware of in the English language. It took Google 3 days to index this term and show our article in the results. Have a look at the before and after images below.




This search was done at  10.46 am on Monday the 24th of June 2013.


Melonborama searches















This search as done at 12.37 PM on the 27th of June 2013. It took over 3 days!


Melonborama Update












We will try it again with another made up word but this time we will use social bookmarking sites to spread the word a little and see if Google really uses social bookmarking sites as a reliable source for new content.


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