Some Online Reputations Just Cannot Be Repaired

Some Online Reputations Just Cannot Be Repaired

With the internet growing every day, you have to protect your online reputation even more. Fox News PR person Irena Briganti recently found out the hard way.

In the news recently there was a Fox News PR person by the name of  Irena Briganti who was dubbed as being the “ the Fox News PR hatchet woman known for being the most vindictive flack in the media world”. Needless to say, her online reputation is extremely bad. In fact, check out what comes up in a Google search when you type in her name HERE. It is quite amazing…and sad at the same time.


In an article entitled “Fox News Flack Irena Briganti Tried to Scrub Her Bad Online Reputation“, there are some readers comments and one I found to be particularly interesting. When commenting on the article, an online reputation management company owner said:


“My company was approached to aid a Fox contributer previously mentioned on Gawker for pantsing (skirting) a coworker in this particular area. I flat out told my team we wouldn’t be taking her on.


I told them, “If it’s on Gawker, we ain’t gunna be able to scrub it. We’re not that good.”


Edit: I had originally thought it was this lady. Not the case”


It goes to show how careful you have to be in this day and age to protect what you say and what you do as it will end up in places you don’t want it to be, namely plastered all over the internet. Like with this lady, there are some reputation management companies that will not touch you as some cannot be helped. These companies can charge more than $10,000 to help you improve your online image but with this company owner, and quite rightly so, refused to help as he said that it was going to be nearly impossible to do anything about such a bad online reputation such as Irena Briganti. I’m pretty sue I would have done the exact same thing.


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