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Expert SEO Services

Our Services For Search Engine Optimization

The practice of Search Engine Optimization is basically to optimize your website (often called website optimization) so that it’s easy for the search engines to find. There’s no sense in spending thousands of dollars on a flashy looking website if no one sees it. The only way to make sure that your site is recognized by the search engines when someone types in a query, is to have it properly set up. That includes choosing keywords that people search for without having a few million websites in direct competition with you.


In reality, website optimization isn’t rocket science. However, it is very time consuming. It isn’t enough to spend hours on it one week and then leave it for months on end. Your competitors are continually optimizing and building links to their site. If you don’t do the same, you will be left behind. That is why employing a search engine optimization company who has a reputation for consistency is very important.


There are many methods your search engine optimization package should consist of.  Below you will find some of the common methods a search engine company may use and The Expert SEO Company is certainly no exception.

Search Engine Optimization Methods

seo services

 SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Wrting (also referred to as SEO Copy Writing) involves the process of integrating keywords and informative phrases into an article or content of your website.We offer quality copy writing designed to engage readers, promote your company, and convert visitors into customers.Content is a very important factor as far as SEO is concerned. It is crucial to have search engine friendly content to attract visitors to your website hence achieving high search engine placement.

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expert seo Keyword Search


Proper keyword search (oranalysis) is crucial for any website to work effectively and is the foundation upon which your optimization marketing effort is built. Using relevant and quality keywords is the first step which an expert in SEO needs to take in order to achieve effective SEO results. Identifying targeted keywords will increase your website’s traffic enormously.

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expert seo Link Building


Link building is considered to be the backbone of a Search Engine Optimization campaign. Obtaining quality backlinks for your site is critical in achieving and maintaining online success with your web site. Link building increases your search engine placement and brings in direct traffic from these backlinks.

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expert seo SEO Audit


What will this seo audit report provide? A detailed analysis of your homepage. A detailed analysis of where you are listed on the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. An inbound link report detailing which websites currently link to your website.

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search engine optimization companies Page Optimization


On Page Optimization is a term that means just that: optimization that is done directly on a specific webpage to achieve better search engine placement. This is done on the visible parts of the page or in the code or invisible parts of the page. SEO is so much more than link building and all too often when a site is built, this is overlooked by most web site developers.

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seo company melbourne Video Submission Service


By creating and distributing your custom made video it can go a long way in helping your site achieve top results. Often underrated, but if correctly marketed, videos can appear on page 1 of Google and various other search engines very quickly.


Video Submission is an effective strategy in gaining a widespread interactive presence of your website on the internet and search engines. In our SEO for small business package, we create various video ads for you and post them on high ranking video submission sites such as Youtube, Yahoo Videos and many more.

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seo company melbourne Creating Blogs


We create a blog (weblog) for your website which in turn creates a direct line of communication with your customers. A blog can make your clients aware of specific areas of your business and more easily attain high search engine placement for these relevant keywords. It is the place where you write about your products and services you have to offer in detail. Blogs are very important part of a search engine optimization package.

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seo company melbourne Directory Submission


Directory submission has proven to be a wonderful method for gaining quality one-way incoming back links. Incoming links play an important role in today’s search engine optimization procedure. The higher the quality of incoming links to your website, the better your search engine rankings and internet visibility are going to become in the long run.

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques We DO NOT Use


search engine optimization companies Bad SEO Practices

If anyone promises you first page Google rankings withing 48 hours or even a week, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are doing things which can cause your site be penalized by the search engines. Link building is a time consuming task that should be done slowly but consistantly over a period of time. many SEO companies practice bad seo practices which can be detrimental to your website.

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Additional Search Engine Optimization Services

We can even incorporate a PPC advertising (pay per click) and cpc advertising (cost per click) campaign into your search engine optimization package if you so wish.  For an affordable search engine optimization service, contact us now and see how search engine optimization for small business need not be such a headache and unnecessary drain on your budget.




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