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There are Times When You Need Expert SEO Consulting

There are Times When You Need Expert SEO ConsultingIf you have a website, it should deliver new customers. You want your website to be your best salesperson. To get that, you need effective search engine optimization (SEO). I realized awhile ago that there are many businesses that have an in-house SEO team that might not be experts in the field of optimizing a website. For those businesses, it may be more cost effective to have a staff member taking care of their business website.


I introduced a new service recently and that is SEO consulting. Up until just recently, my team and I have specialized in search engine optimization work on behalf of our clients. That meant that we did all of the work in exchange for a monthly fee. But because more and more businesses are using existing staff members to optimize their websites for search engines, I saw a gap in the market. Because of their limited knowledge in the SEO field, they sometimes need a bit of help. What most of these business owners do not understand is that search engine optimization is a specialized field. Do the wrong thing by Google and your site will be penalized in some shape of form. By offering an SEO consulting service to business owners, that type of scenario is hopefully avoided.


The first thing I would do is to understand the clients business and marketing goals and then develop a strategy for a winning SEO campaign. Often times if a staff member is performing the website optimization, they don’t understand how important a proper SEO strategy really is to drive traffic to their website.


Because we have been operating since February 2006, we understand things like: business objectives, demographics of target audience, creative considerations, media mix, methods of measurement and success metrics. Above all else however, we have the ability to drive targeted traffic to your website and have developed strategies to convert that traffic into paying customers. Like I said in the beginning, your website should be your number one sales person but it won’t be if the wrong strategies are used.


Leaving such an important task to someone who is not familiar with the latest SEO trends and developments could possibly turn in to a very costly mistake. If you are a business owner and have an employee performing search engine optimization on your business site, don’t take that chance. An SEO consultation from The Expert SEO Company could just make your website into the sales champion that it was designed to be. So the question really now is, if you are serious about growing your business through new customer acquisition on-line, can you afford NOT to hire an SEO consultant?


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Keep SEO Jargon To a Minimum With Your Clients


confused client

Have you ever confused your client with seo jargon?

Expert SEO professionals have a tendency to throw around seo terms with their clients but don’t consider whether or not their clients actually understand what they are talking about. I know I do that a fair bit until a colleague once said to me to simplify what I say to clients. I never thought about it until she said that to me. Below you will find a simple explanation of the ten most common seo terms that we use with clients. According to Amanda McNeill from business2community.com, “here are ten terms or phrases often heard during SEO and SEM endeavors with their frills removed”…..


1. Algorithm – In SEO context, 99% of the time this refers to Google’s algorithm, which is the computer code Google uses to decide where your web site should rank in search results. 99.9% of the time you will not meet anyone who knows how this piece of code ranks your web site. If someone tells you they have this precise information assume they are going to rip you off. If someone tells you they have an educated guess at how Google’s algorithm will rank your site that is ok.


2. Anchor Text – Words you can click. This is anchor text to twitter.com. This is not anchor text. Anchor text that exactly describes where a person will go when clicked is good. Anchor text that is misleading is bad.


3. Backlink – This is just a link from a website to your website. Backlinks from honest websites are good. Backlinks from shady websites are bad.


4. Conversion – An instance of one person coming to your website and doing what you want them to do: buy, subscribe or provide information. A conversion rate is calculated by the number of people that come to your website and do what you want divided by the number of people who just come to your website and leave. Conversions are your bottom line.


5. Engagement – Currently more of a social media term but social media and SEO are becoming inseparable so make sure you know what it means: that people who come to your website, Twitter, Facebook or any social media page are communicating with you. If engagements are not turning into marriages (conversions) reconsider your strategy. If you feel your strategy is sound reconsider your suitors. Engaging the wrong ones is a waste of time and money.


6. Impression – One impression means one person saw a webpage with your link on it. They may or may not of clicked on your link. They may or may not have noticed your link. The point is that they had the opportunity to notice and click your link. If your goal is conversions impressions alone are not impressive. Impressions need to be turned into clicks and clicks need to be turned into conversions.


7. Keyword – This is a word or group of words you want your website to show up under when people search for that word or phrase on a search engine.


8. Landing Page – This is the webpage people go to when they click on your link. You may hear “optimizing landing page(s)” and this usually means changes need to be made because your landing page or pages are being closed or abandoned before conversions are made.


9. Long-tail Keyword – This usually means you cannot afford to compete with other companies in your industry for the most obvious keywords so you need to be slick about it by adding more or changing keywords to a phrase to make it niche. Let’s say you want to show up in searches for “used cars” but you can’t get there with your budget. You may want to go after “used red Mazda” searches because there is less competition and therefore less work to be done to get a high ranking position on that search results page.


10. Usability – If people get frustrated and leave your website before turning into a conversion you may have a usability problem. Simply put: your website is not usable so people get mad and leave. If your content is simple making your website more usable is common sense. If you have a website with a great deal of information you may benefit from the input of a specialist.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/seo/ten-fancy-seo-phrases-translated-to-plain-english-0448704#fw76eOjGCGBkuJ4K.99

How to Select An Expert SEO Company For Success

How to Select An Expert SEO Company For SuccessWith the increasing use of the internet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important technique for marketing products or services. This has led to the emergence of companies that focus on this field and provide search engine optimization services at reasonable prices. These companies have a lot of advantages but a careful comparison of what they provide is highly recommended before finalizing an expert SEO company.


So the question then is, how to select an expert seo company for success?


The most fundamental parameter of judging an expert SEO company is whether it follows ethical practices or not. Unethical methods may give you a boost to your firm but then you are too close to attracting fines from search engines, which can be quite severe and also dent the reputation of your [geo-image id=”undefined” title=”null”]firm. The only way to have consistent web traffic to your website is to use widely accepted strategies and provide the visitors a good experience. Developing keyword centric content, link building, and appropriate use of Meta tags are all considered fair SEO strategies.


The content of the website must be original with proper keywords density and any good expert SEO company will give due importance to that. Both these factors are instrumental in improving ranking of your website with all the major search engines. Besides, content sharing has become a key SEO strategy, and hence the company must develop materials like videos and articles to be circulated free of cost.


The expert SEO company has to be abreast of the technological developments in the field and have the ability to offer the entire range of SEO services. This involves understanding your company, conducting research for identifying the keywords that are generally used in your industry, and then identifying plans to increase traffic.


Developing a successful campaign requires an understanding of all the SEO techniques and an ability to apply them to good effect. Having a good team with experience and skill to make the right choices of SEO strategies in diverse scenarios is the trademark of an excellent SEO company.


Lastly, it is important to understand that SEO is not a one-time task and a company that promises high quality SEO services must offer support on a continual basis. To deal with the alterations in the algorithms used by search engines, you must always keep optimizing and reworking on your site to remain above the competition and that’s where an expert SEO company plays a crucial role.


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Expert SEO Specialist Need Ethics-Why?

expert seoThe reason is simply because the Expert SEO field is virtually unregulated and operates on the world wide web. That’s why some expert SEO specialists have the philosophy to just take the money and run. This is where SEO ethics will clobber you where you feel it most and that usually is in your wallet. All too often we hear stories from website owners who say, “The previous SEO took my money and did absolutely nothing to help my site get higher.”


Most reputable search engine optimization specialists will ask for perhaps 50% of the payment up front. Some will bill you once the job is done. You should never give full payment up front to a total stranger.

Expert SEO Specialist Scam #1


A typical scam is to use dirty tricks which are often called “black hat SEO“. They usually do this to get your website ranking highly and very quickly. You are initially pleased with the fast results, pay the money, but then a few months later you wonder what has happened to your high rankings. Then you find out the search engines got wise and banned your site completely. It is important to ask an expert SEO specialist about his methods before you hand over any money what so ever.

Expert SEO Specialist Scam #2


Another very common scam is, along with a false guarantee, is to choose poor keywords. Anyone could get your furniture website to #1 on every major search engine for the term “black leather lounge with blue stripes”. Unfortunately, not too many (if any for that matter) of your customers are likely to search for that term.


A word of warning though. Do not insist for the most competitive terms either. For example: if you have a furniture website that specialises in household furniture, you wouldn’t insist on a term like ‘furniture’ as being a keyword as that has over 37 million searches done worldwide. You would narrow it down to something a little more localized to your area. Infact, most website owners don’t have the financial means to compete for the term “furniture”. It really wouldn’t be the most effective keyword to target your most likely customers.You should always ask an expert SEO specialist how he plans to select the keywords which he will optimize for your website.

The Bottom Line On Expert SEO Specialists


In short, there are many many seo companies you can choose from. You don’t have to hire one from your area either as nearly all of the seo for your site is done on the internet. You don’t even have to meet the person face to face. We have a lot of clients that are overseas and we manage just fine to get their sites ranked half way across the globe. So hire an expert seo specialist who has the same bottom line as you and if he doesn’t, run the other way…fast.

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Be Careful Of Automated Traffic Generating Software

search engine optimization companiesNow that you have gone to all the trouble to establish a business and a great looking website, you need to put into place a good traffic generating strategy with proper search engine optimization to get visitors to your website. You have searched around for reliable search engine optimization companies to carry out expert seo services on your site. However, for your site to be successful, you already know that you need as many visitors as you can get.

Search Engine Optimization Methods


There are many ways to do this. Some of these include PPC advertising, CPC advertising, adwords, video submission and many more methods. Your expert seo will be able to handle all of these methods for you. A word of caution though. There are many so called ‘traffic generating’ systems out there that promise you truckloads of traffic for a small to perhaps even quite a large fee. Use them at your own risk! I have tried many of these systems and the bottom line with most of them is: they just do not work! Let me clarify what I mean by that. Many claim that they will bring lots of ‘hits’ to your website. And yes, most of them do. BUT! A ‘hit’ is not necessarily a human visitor.

In Search Engine Optimization, What Is A ‘Hit’?



The definition of a hit is this:


For example, if a homepage comprises of:


1 HTML document;


2 style sheets;


10 images and;


1 Java script file;


then 14 hits will be added to the hit-count each time the homepage is viewed. This perhaps translates to only 1 human visitor and that’s only if it’s not generated by an automated bot from the system that you are using. You have to fully understand the meaning of all the terms these systems throw at you in their sales pitch. All of these hits can have a negative impact on your site from a search engine optimization point of view too. I once experimented with one of these systems for a web site of mine and it did more damage than good. All of these fake visitors caused my ‘bounce rate’ to be about 95%. That basically meant that 95% of “visitors’ to my site exited pretty much within the first few seconds of landing on my site either because they were automated or the people who were sent didn’t want what I had to offer and clicked somewhere else as soon as they realized it was a search engine optimization site.


The Expert SEO Company is an seo company in Melbourne and we can take care of all your search engine optimization services needs. We do not use search engine optimization automated tools to do do our work for us as these are often picked up by various bookmarking sites and the like as spam generators and will block the accounts generated by them at some point. Everything that we do is done manually so that it’s done right the first time and the seo effects are permanent.


For all your search engine optimization needs, contact us now.


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