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Internet Marketing Fraud Shows No Sign of Disappearing Anytime Soon

internet marketing fraudThe day internet marketing fraud totally disappears, is the day that hell will freeze over. Just recently,  a man in Utah was found out to have perpetrated the biggest internet marketing fraud scam to date. Through this scheme, he amassed a fortune of $275 million. Read the Story here. Granted, that’s big fry compared to some of the smaller scammers out there but fraud is fraud and it’s our hard earned cash that we are being conned out of. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten dollars here and twenty dollars there, it all adds up that we are losing. So, the question is, are you going to be ignorant enough to be scammed more than once?  I have been scammed but most of the time I was lucky enough to get my money back but on a few occasions, I wasn’t.


There are some tell tale signs of when to be wary of a scam and how to spot one. For more information, READ MORE HERE.


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